Q. What plan is best for me?

A. If losing weight is your main goal, then The 12 Week Bikini Body Plan is the plan for you. The Bikini Body Nutrition Plan contains lower calorie foods to assist with weight loss, yet, is nutrient dense to make sure you are meeting your nutritional needs and feeling great! The Bikini Body Exercise Plan is designed to enhance weight loss through a combination of HIIT, cardio and weight training workouts.

If living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is your main goal, then The 12 Week Fit For Life Plan is the plan for you. The Fit For Life Nutrition Plan is filled with nutritious foods including some healthy treats to ensure this plan is maintainable long term. The Fit For Life Exercise Plan focuses on increasing strength, building lean muscle, improving overall fitness and burning fat. This exercise plan includes weight training, HIIT and some cardio workouts. The 12 Week Fit For Life Plan is a great follow on plan after completing the Bikini Body Plan.

Q. If I have specific dietary requirements can I still do this plan?

A. Both plans have vegan, vegetarian and dairy free alternatives for every meal – there’s no need to select a different plan! All plans are predominantly free from gluten, wheat and sugar. If you have any allergies or intolerances please send me an email and I can personally customize your plan to suit.

Q. Do I need to be fit to follow the workouts in the exercise plan?

A. You can be at any fitness level. Both exercise plans come with a complete glossary so you can see images and explanations of how to do the exercises correctly and effectively! If you are finding an exercise either too easy or hard there are often options available to adapt the exercise to your level – the key is to always push yourself, if it’s too easy then up your weight, increase your intensity, or do more reps.

Q. When will I notice results?

A. Whether you are following The 12 Week Bikini Body Plan or The 12 Week Fit For Life Plan the first results you should notice is how you feel! When we fuel our body with nutrient rich foods and exercise regularly we feel more energetic, happy, light, positive, satisfied, strong and confident. I hope that these feelings will be addictive for you, and motivate you to continue following your plan in order to feel amazing! Physical changes to your body are an added bonus of eating and training well! These plans are 12 weeks long for a reason 😉

Q. What makes your plans different or special?

A. I am a qualified nutritionist and I have honestly put your health first when creating these plans! I truly want to help you, my passion is living a happy and healthy lifestyle and my goal is to help you achieve this too! I am no fitness model, I am working a full time job just like all of you – my plans are achievable for you busy ladies. I am sharing all my knowledge and tips on keeping in shape and living a balanced life!

My plans provide daily step-by-step workouts along with detailed meals and snacks so each and every day for 12 weeks is completely organized for you. My nutrition plans include meals that are quick and easy to prepare, contains foods that are commonly available and not overly expensive. My plans are practical and involve taking some left overs for lunches (I want you to succeed and use these plans long term).

My nutrition plans are designed to set you up to have a positive relationship with food, and create healthy eating habits to continue with long after 12 weeks. I provide guidance with portion control however my meal plans are not calorie controlled as there is no one size fits all for all of you ladies (as we all have different biological make ups and needs).

My plan is affordable and available to everyone – I have spent hours and hours perfecting this for you all, and because it’s available to all of you ladies online I have been able to keep the cost to a minimum.