Rea Rowe Nutrition

Hi everyone, my name’s Rea. I have a bachelor of science in nutrition and sport and exercise. Iā€™m passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and regular exercise. My true passion lies in women’s health and helping other females to look and feel amazing through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What we choose to put into our body and how we choose to treat our body effects how each and everyone of us feels daily.

How we look and how we feel is simply just a result of how we treat ourselves.

The good news is we can ALL look and feel amazing by making positive changes to our diets and lifestyles ā€“ and this is where I can help you!

I have essentially been following my plan for years now, so I guess you could say that I now have it pretty perfected for you ladies.

Being a qualified nutritionist you can rest assured my plan will get you amazing results ā€“ but it will be through a nutritionally adequate diet and it will be through a maintainable exercise routine that is designed to last a lifetime!

My plan is a 12 week step by step guide to help you make the right nutrition and lifestyle changes we talked about earlier ā€“ to get your body looking and feeling amazing.

Essentially my plan is a personal food and exercise diary of what I do everyday.

So, if you’re ready to make the first step towards looking and feeling amazing for not just 12 weeks but for the rest of your life then join me. I cant wait for you to join me on this journey together.