1. Try to change your mindset from “I CANT eat that” to “I don’t WANT to eat that” trust me – this is such a positive and empowering change to make.

2. If you have an all time fav meal or treat that you know isn’t the healthiest – think of ways you can alter it and make it more nutritious so you can still enjoy it and feel good about it! If a mocha is what you love then try making adjustments like removing the marshmallows or chocolate fish, or having half the amount of chocolate, or even having a medium instead of a large size.

3. There’s so many small changes we can make that really do add up over time – don’t ever think that something small wont make a difference!

4. Take the stairs, always.

5. If you are still hungry, fill up on more veggies.

6. Cut out treat/ junk foods that you are eating daily that you don’t LOVE and instead make exceptions for the treats you really enjoy. For example I almost never eat potato chips, juice, fizzy drink or lollies – instead as a treat I will have something I love like chocolate or a restaurant desert. Choosing not to have those “average” treats becomes easier and easier, and honestly, I don’t miss them – and I enjoy my favourite treats in moderation so much more!

7. Try focus on the fact that food is fuel. Nutritious food has the ability to make us feel great, whereas crappy food has the ability of making us feel sluggish and average. Think about food as nutrients not numbers, if you want to count something count colours.

8. Instead of listing all the foods to avoid, focus on all the nutritious foods you CAN eat to improve your health and reach your goals.

9. Make drinking water a habit. It flushes our systems helping us go to the bathroom regularly and also helping to remove toxins in our body, trust me you will feel so much better all round when you are properly hydrated.

10. Don’t get sucked into all the fad diets – they are quick fixes that usually cannot be followed long term, remember as soon as you stop following the diet the results will also stop. Creating a healthier lifestyle will take time but the results will last forever.

11. Be prepared. Fill you fridge and pantry with healthy food. If you are easily tempted to eat all the treats in the house – stop buying them. If its not there then you cant eat it.

12. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you don’t know what something is made of – don’t eat it.

13. Make your own sauces, dressings, spice mixes, hot chocolate. These “extras” we often don’t think about are usually high in calories and low in nutrients.

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