1. I love to cook fresh quick meals (you wont find me prepping in the kitchen for hours), and I love to cook on my own

2. I don’t like baking, its just not my style; I think I’m probably too impatient

3. I eat a pescatarian diet and have done for 10 years now. Just recently I accidentally ate a chicken curry puff at a Thai restaurant

4. I also have a full time job in sales for a nutritional supplement company, I love being busy and achieving as much as I can in a day

5. My favourite forms of exercise are doing home workouts, boxing, hot yoga, walking, touch rugby, running and going to the gym. I would like to start playing tennis and also taking dance classes (either ball room or jazz)

6. I’m a qualified nutritionist – I have a bachelor of science in nutrition and also sport and exercise science. I know more details about nutrients and our metabolism than you could imagine. I have always been passionate about nutrition and how amazing our bodies are

7. I love socializing but am also very content with my own company; I have always been very independent

8. Often the first thing I do when I get home is get changed and take my makeup off, I love getting dressed up occasionally but prefer wearing comfy home clothes with no makeup on

9. I’m obsessed with long hair and usually wear hair extensions, once you have them its hard to go back

10. Travelling Italy (especially rural Italy) is definitely on my bucket list

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